“I Had To Sponsor Myself Down To The Auditorium Just So I Could Do The Job”

By Rose Jonathan Oy

Sometime last year…

I got an anchoring job. Don’t wow yet, it wasn’t a paid job. In fact, I had to sponsor myself down to the auditorium just so I could do the job.

In order to spice up the show, I bought different network of airtimes and other items of giveaway with my money. No one paid me a dime and sincerely, a part of me even wondered why I had to go that far just to anchor a show.

But I did it because I loved it and I wanted to give it my best and it’s not in my character to be a part of mediocrity.

When the show ended, I was expecting at least a ”thank you for coming,” considering the fact that the organisers made money at the end, but ta-da! I got the ”we’ll send something into your account” and maybe my account has been hacked because I’m yet to smell a dime and the year is almost over.

That’s not the point of the story, so let’s forge ahead.

Some weeks ago, I got a message from someone who offered me a job in the same place. Sincerely, I don’t remember meeting him there but from what he said, I did amazingly at the other event so he decided I was the right choice for another one. We’ve negotiated and I can tell you that the pay among other things is going to make me wow!

He saw me at the dimeless event putting in my soul into something I didn’t even get paid for, now he’s contacting me with a big offer. Does this make any sense to you? What if I discarded the dimeless offer then or messed it up because I wasn’t going to be paid? Money isn’t everything. Put your soul into whatever you do, someone, just someone might be watching…


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