This is the July edition of Campus Entrepreneur Contest on Campus Duty. There are ten contestants in this edition. Each contestant has a code (for example, CEWO, CEOP, etc.) and a description of his/her campus business.

The contestant with the highest number of votes by readers wins this contest and gets FREE massive promotion for his/her business for a month.


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Contestant No 1
Code: CEWO
Name: Wilson Oluwadamilola Rebecca

My name is Wilson Oluwadamilola Rebecca. I am a final year student at the University of Ibadan (Federal College of Education, Abeokuta Centre for Degree Programmes). I am studying Biology/Education.

I am into hairdressing and wig making. Below are some of my works. Phone number: 08103501614


Contestant No 2
Code: CEOP
Name: Orubo Pere Amos

My name is Orubo Pere Amos. I am a level 100 student of Niger Delta University. It is no news in Nigeria about the outrageous amount of fees we pay just to get education in that school and finance is becoming difficult these days.

I bake cakes, meat pies, chin chin and other simple stuffs. Winning this competition can help me expand my business and to train young people how to bake this simple stuffs themselves. Phone number: 08101896884


Contestant No 3
Code: CEIN
Name: Ikechukwu Nwosu

My brand name is Travis signature. I’m a fashion designer, fashion illustrator and wardrobe consultant. I deal mostly on improving African concept of dressing by combining our concept with that of western concept like British. I design for both sexes and also deals with their accessories like shoes, lapel pins, ties etc.

University of Nigeria, Nsukka
Microbiology department
400 level (final year)
Phone number: 08165000603

Contestant No 4
Code: CECM
Name: Chimaobi

I’m Chimaobi…I’m a 400L student of Vocational Education…I’m from Enugu state. Funny enough I started since First year…but it was just for personal use…Until Chef D bought some of them…and Boom. It all started. Challenges I face is just that I don’t know the taste of the customers.

I want to own a really Large Fabric Line. With the aim of empowering people and putting one’s Imaginations in shirt Form.

Phone number: 08189473949

Contestant No 5
Code: CEIG
Name: Ibrahim Gaffar alias LARU

Ibrahim Gaffar alias LARU
Year 3 archaeology and tourism UNN.
Studied tourism and hospitality mgt in YABATECH National Diplomat.
Reside in Lagos mainland

I’ve loved fashion from time. In fact, I practice it. As a kid with lesser privilege, keeping up with trends was highly difficult… So I feel I can get myself a lot if I tip up my hustle… I tried many things and found connection with shoes so I hold on to it… 2013 after secondary education….learnt it, went for seminars, followed up fashion stars and I developed LARU from my already nickname…

Getting to the top is virtually everyone’s dream…  I don’t belong to this category. I like to speak with action… I’m currently working on being fully established. A lot has happened concerning that.

Major challenge is fund…. Time falls into the same pit… Phone number: 07085800331

Contestant No 6
Code: CEOC
Name: Osilo Chidinma

The Gatsilo experience!

We give you an opportunity to experience your dream event by offering you the best catering and decoration services for your:

Wedding-To experience a perfect beginning to a new forever
Burial-To send your loved ones home in style
Birthday-To enjoy the miracle of a new life or a rebirth.

Contact us via: 08160284330
Facebook page: Gatsilo experience

Contestant No 7
Code: CEAM
Name: Amusan Mary Adedayo

This Amusan Mary Adedayo, a 400level student of Osun state university.

Am into organic soap making, black soap mix, hair products yet to be launch out. Came across the post about “Campus business promotion for free” on Campus duty page on Facebook. I would love to participate in the “Campus Entrepreneur contest”.

Phone number: 07063254348

Contestant No 8
Code: CECK
Name: Osilo Chidinma

KIRABEL Hairs  …a flawless allure of beauty.

We help give you a stellar look for different occasions with various kinds of wigs and hairs at affordable prices.

Contact us via:

📞 or whatsapp 08092755191.

Contestant No 9
Code: CEKK
Name: Kamilat Kareem

My name is Kamilat Kareem. T. I am a 400l student, studying criminology and security studies in University of Ilorin, Kwara State. I am an organic skincare entrepreneur.

Kaamilah Secret Organics skincare products are products such as bathing soap, body lotion and moisturizer, face scrub, face toner and body oils. These products are made from natural and harmful chemical free recipes. These products are very safe for the skin. These products leaves the skin glowing, smooth and flawless.

Phone number: 08186535676

Contestant No 10
Code: CEJC
Name: John c.e.o of the freakyvibes


Update on latest music||music videos||comedy||Also get your PR services||

08058465030…Am a Pr. Am 18yrs old. Enugu state.

A student of the university of lagos.

I love playing games and dancing.

I started this business recently…we promote musics,music videos,we hype events and also we love entertaining our audience .

We promote your audio and video on websites.

Note: voting ends on 10th July, 2018.

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  1. Contestant No 1
    Name:Wilson Oluwadamilola Rebecca
    She is unique in nature,excellent in beautification through the work of her hand ,as far as I am concern, she the best.

  2. I’ll go with contest number 3. Travis signature, and industrious, unique and exceptional designer.

  3. Contestant no9
    Name:Kameelah Kareem
    if you want to stay young and look clean.
    go for khameelah organic natural products.

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