How to find the right scholarship opportunity in china and make good use of it

An opportunity for academic expansion on your door step. You open the door, you have it. Do you want to study in China? Ok, if your answer is yes then all you need is but very a simple preparation. Now let’s go.

Scholarship opportunities in China

A lots of scholarship opportunities exist in China in different forms both partial and full. I will only list few here that foreigners have higher chances to securing.

i) Chinese scholarship council CSC scholarship

ii) Full University scholarships

iii) Municipal scholarship

iv) Provincial scholarship

v) Presidential scholarship (partial so, not recommended for Nigerians except you can fend for yourself while study lasts)

Personal recommendation

For the sake of success and robustness of advantages I would recommend (i) and (ii) for foreigners especially Nigerians.

Good news: The application requirements for (i) and (ii) are the same. Except that in (i) you have to first of all apply to CSC through ( with the same documents, print the online generated form as well as all documents you uploaded, sign the last page (declaration page) and send the hard copies (2) either in different or one envelop with suitable address through courier to your chosen University. Meanwhile, you will also do another application through the admission link of your chosen university portal. The university will after assessments and confirmation of your application in chosen university send your one out of the two copies to CSC who will also confirm that you applied through Application links are released yearly and closed at expiration date.

When do I apply then?

Get ready by January – February as you maybe late by March ending so, now is the best time to start gathering the requirements.

Note: Do not do the medical exam now do it close to your application date. Medical examinations six months ago will not be accepted. Remember you will be presenting official hospital receipt, X-ray film and ECG chromatograph with date on them you cannot change.

What do you need?

For a successful application the following are competitively important:

  1. Data page of valid international passport
  2. Two recommendation letters from university professors
  3. Last academic degree acquired (B.Sc for masters and M.Sc for Ph.D program) which must be notarized by public notary body. Notarization a big case to deal with so, don’t deal dial on it.
  4. Notarized academic transcripts of highest degree achieved
  5. Foreigners ‘medical examination form which can be downloaded online. This is a four page form downloadable online. Test listed in the form must be done in federal hospital with physician’s signature and dully stamped at both passport photo region and the last page. All the tests enumerated are repeated upon arrival in China and previous results compared. Alterations in major tests can lead to instant deportation. So, carrying out all tests religiously represents a first step to successful admission.
  6. Research proposal……Attention. Should not be more than five pages … Most be novel and possesses all competing powers……should cover the following…. Proposed title……study background…..research question (s) ……significance…..methodology… references….. Note: Your references must be recent plus all cited papers must be ranked journals (refer to number 8).
  7. Acceptance letter from the proposed supervisor in your chosen Chinese universities. Photocopy submitted online while uploading other documents during application process. This has a remarkable edge and sometimes difficult to get but refuse to give in. It is not simple but definitely not impossible. For masters students good news you don’t need to bother about this.
  8. Abstract of all your publications. Note. Papers must be articles published in SCI or SCIE journals in the relevant fields. SCI means science citation index and SCIE means science citation index expanded. For the benefit of doubts SCI and SCIE include articles in (i) nature science journals (ii) PNAS i.e. proceedings of national academy of science of the united states (iii) Elsevier (iv) Springer (v) Taylor and Francis (vi) Wiley online. Articles not covered by the listed journals would be considered as no publication for candidate. Good news. This is not a principal requirement for master students but never a sin if you have one.

Now, for PhD we call it “Your paper your magic” This means when the admission slot is limited, one that has 3.8 CGPA but has just one SCI or SCIE will be given admission before considering the other with 4.99 or 5.0 CGPA without articles or with articles not within SCI or SCIE journal scope. However, it is also possible to get admission without published papers but I perhaps guess you must have touched the “Heaven” in prayers and your proposal must have spoken volume or maybe captured the attention of one or two professors during your documents assessment. This will never happen when there is a candidate (s) with suitable article (s) yet unattended to.

  1. A copy of valid HSK or English proficiency certificate. This is alternative to TOEFL in countries like Canada, Uk etc. Now, H= Hanyou = Chinese, S = shuiping = proficiency, K = Kaoshi = test. Hence, HSK = Hanyou shuiping kaoshi meaning, Chinese proficiency test.

Good news.

For a native speaker like Nigerians, a certificate from your last university called “English proficiency certificate” usually obtained from exams and record and signed by Deputy Registrar exams confirming that English language was used as a medium of instruction qualifies you for admission.

However, be careful not to cling your admission equality with he/she that has HSK certificates. I advise you go and enroll if you are still young. While I was in Nigeria I thought those people were wasting their time. HSK 5 gives you admission even in the absence of published papers and acceptance letter from Chinese professor in your chosen university, your scholarship will come from the Chinese teachers in the institute you learnt your Chinese language. No major application maybe required.

To have HSK 5 or 6 means you can write, speak and understand Chinese language (Hangyou). You will be instantly treated as indigenes and your opportunity fatter than others. Note… examples of institution that can issue HSK certificate are “conficius institute” in UNIZIK Awka, etc. Unfortunately, this is the only one I know of course I am sure you know more than I do. Please certificates from all those private individuals teaching languages like French, German and Chinese will not be considered. Those are just for your private improvement.

  1. Finally for Christians you need of all these, prayers and for the pagans dibia. This is because some Chinese universities upon discovering that foreigners make more than two applications yearly to increase their chances decided to place huge amount of money which they call reservation fees. Although we may not blame them because scholarships are issued by Chinese government and not Chinese universities and the multiple applications often result in dumping admission as candidate now have the options to choose among the schools applied which is the best? This does not speak well on the university as yearly quota for scholarship chances is subject to previous performance. Fortunately or unfortunately as the case maybe, if you end up gaining or losing respectively the money won’t be refunded. This anyway isn’t applicable to all universities just pray that the university with your proposed course of study isn’t in this situation. Some university only collect the normal application processing fees of just 400 yuan. You need pray so as not to pay the huge money for reservation and still lose admission.
  2. I would however advise even though it doesn’t make it right, do not believe in the power of one application. The competition is inundating. It seems foreigners are tired of spending their money on postgraduates when it is free with allowances elsewhere. Considering though, that China has so many universities but yearly heap of applications in each school isn’t a today’s discussion.

Good luck while I pray for hand shake when you come.

Do you need clarifications on this?

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Author: Amechi Nwankegu

Postgraduate student in China

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