You have to try and suppress it but don’t give up if you can’t

Being a private person I have made this incident my secret, but since it’s a Campus affair, I decided to share with the Campusduty readers.

You are already wondering what this hot gist is about abi?

Okay, here it is. Back in my undergrad days, in second year I had an examination for MCB 202. Out of all the courses I took that semester, MCB 202 was my only departmental course, so I knew I had to do very well especially since it was a 4 unit course. Imagine what performing poorly in such a course would do to my GPA! After preparing myself the way a warrior prepares prior to a battle, on the D-day I went for the exam early and good to go.

We were all called in with the registration list. I got in, sat down, prayed, and was ready to start. The answer scripts were shared, question papers shared and the exam started.

Fifteen minutes into the exam hall I heard my stomach rumble. It may have been tension, but that was highly unlikely. I had prepared so well, and the questions were very okay. It was a good day! So I continued with the exam and ignored the stomach. Did I already mention that this exam was for 3 good hours, time enough to deal squarely with the questions?

Like ten to fifteen minutes later the rumble intensified and the pressure moved from my stomach down to the anus. My stomach had decided to protest over what I probably ate earlier and it wasn’t being cool about it at all. So there I was, very pressed, barely 30 minutes into a 3-hour exam. I tried to ignore it again, but no way. The body wants what it wants, and at this time it needed to be eased! Looking around, I saw one of the lecturers invigilating the exam. She was a mother, known to be very nice. I decided to approach her believing that miracles still happen.

Getting to her and explaining my predicament, she said ‘what do you want me to do’. You can’t leave the hall and come back later. You have to try and suppress it, till you finish writing’. I tried to tell her that I already attempted that but it wasn’t working. Well, she told me that there was nothing she could do.

So I went back to my seat, in tears, sat down and started rushing through all the questions. Fifty minutes into the examination, I went to submit my paper; meaning I still had 2 hours 10 minutes remaining. I had completed a 3hour examination in 50 minutes!  Anyway, I rushed home and obliged my intestinal organ. What a relief.

And what became of me and my exams? Well I felt awful but being a very optimistic person, I told myself I will pass the course even if it was with ‘let my people go’. You see, that was the optimist and the realist in me working hand in hand. Guess what? When the result was released, I failed woefully. Needless to say that I cried rivers.

Today, it is a story in my past. One of those tough times I could do nothing about. Have you had any similar experience? Have you worked so hard for a particular course or something in your life, and had your hopes dashed at the last minute through no fault of yours? Did your friends tell you that you probably didn’t pray hard enough? Did you at a time feel God disappointed you, even when you worked so hard and expected that God will crown the works of your hands?

Calm down and be consoled.  Do not let the experience break you or make you to give up on your dreams and aspirations. Like I always say, life is full of challenges and disappointments. They come in many dimensions. You pull through and you learn. You become stronger and you move on.  Tomorrow you will be better and laugh at the old times, as I am doing now. As they say, tough times don’t last but tough people do!

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