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Ifeoma Kalu

My name is Ifeoma Kalu, a student of veterinary medicine, Unn.
I am an on air presenter. I anchor a program (Poppy’s Corner) on Lion FM (91.1) on Saturdays from 9-9:45am.

Poppy’s corner started last December, (2/12/2017 precisely) and was born out of the desire to reach out and influence people positively.

Poppy’s Corner, however, does not have a specific niche for now. For instance I’ve talked on dining etiquette, perfect gift for Christmas, some words we use wrongly. And every last Saturdays of the month is for games where the winner gets a free meal at Nichols’ Place and The Kitchen(The eatery/restaurant sponsors Poppy’s corner for now).

By April however, I will commence a series which will include weddings, activities for Saturdays etc.
The vision of Poppy’s Corner is to reach out to an increasing number of people through public speaking and social media with topics that are educating, interactive, and interesting.

Poppy’s Corner gives the masses an opportunity to advertise/ promote their brands/product/ song.

Facebook- Poppy’s Corner

Twitter- Poppy47175663

WhatsApp- 08088060019

Call/text- 08140930262

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