Are you thinking of studying abroad? Have you thought of China yet? Well if you haven’t, this may be the right time for you to seriously think about applying to study in a Chinese University.

I am sure some of you will already be like ‘China ke’ to study abi na to go do business! Especially considering that this is Nigeria where everybody wants to study in UK, USA or Europe. Well if you are thinking that, you are doing yourself a great disservice.

Now you are probably thinking that ‘China people’ have settled me with serious amount of Chinese yuan to advertise on their behalf. Well, halt that thought. I am good like that. Just out to help, knowing that so many of you seek to improve yourselves, but lack the financial power or necessary knowledge with which to do so.

So Why China?

  1. Opportunity for Scholarships

The Chinese Government offer various types of scholarships to International students and the percentage population which benefit from these offers continue to increase, including over 40,000 scholarships to 277 institutions. Over 40% of international students in China receive government scholarships.

  1. A New Academic Destination

Hundreds of thousands of International students from all over the world are currently trouping to China to study in various disciplines. So studying there affords you the opportunity to meet and make friends from many parts of the world especially Europe, North and South America, as well as other Asian countries. This will inadvertently help you build a strong network of contacts.

  1. International Recognition

Chinese universities are well recognised internationally and a number of them are now well placed in the world University rankings with their ratings going higher yearly, whereby some universities in countries such as UK continue to fall in many rankings.

  1. Affordable Living expenses

Cost of living in China is way cheaper than North America or Europe and generally fees and fares are cheaper, especially if you are not able to obtain full scholarship which will take care of your school fees and living expenses.

  1. Make your choice

Universities in China offer a diverse range of courses from the Sciences to Arts, Businesses and Languages. Many cities, not just the biggest two (Beijing and Shanghai) are now home to many tourists and international students. You only need to cool down to find the right course that suits you and the right climate because China is very large with provinces like Ghuanzou and Ghuanxi boasting of weather similar to our tropical climate. If you are allergic to cold take note!

  1. Indulge Your self

You can explore the many mega cities in China with its thriving local and international population, alluring scenery, opulent culture and cuisine. If you love food, then you certainly will love China.

  1. Travel Asia, Tour the World

China can serve as your gateway to explore other Asian countries, exploiting their cheap intercontinental flights. You can avail yourself of the opportunity to experience Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, or even North Korea provided you get a special invite from the Supreme leader, to avoid been locked up as a spy.

  1. Boost Your Personal Profile

Considering the current position of China in the world map, its immense economic and cultural significance, its home to numerous business from all over the world, studying in China may be the boost your profile requires to admit you into international circles in terms of employability.

  1. Learn Chinese Mandarin

Like me you may find it hard learning a new language. But wait… won’t you be willing to really give it a try if the knowledge will give you a needed edge in your work place, whether it is a Chinese company, an International Company maintaining Chinese links and relationship or even a Non-governmental firm?

  1. A New and Better You

Studying abroad exposes you to a new world, a broader horizon; it stretches you and tests your ability to cope with others from different cultures, in an environment with a totally different language. The experience will embolden you and plant within you the believe that if you can survive here, then the sky is indeed your stepping stone.

Ok, so now you know and hopefully you cannot wait to get there. So you are now wondering ‘where do I start looking?’ Which universities do I apply to? Not to worry we have a step by step guide of how to go about it specially prepared for you by a beneficiary of a Chinese Government scholarship.

There are many universities but some of the top ranking Universities in China are

Fudan University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Tsingha University

Peking University

Guanxi Normal University

SiChuan University

Nanjing University

Wuhan University

Xi’an Jai Tong University

Zhejiang University

Firstly, to know more about these top Universities or other Chinese Universities, simply copy and paste any of these names into google, to obtain and check their websites.

Study their websites to find whether your course of choice is offered in the University and if they admit international students. You should even go as far as sending a mail to a lecturer working in your area of interest if you are applying for post graduate study.

To be continued.

Watch this space for more information required for your journey to China!

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