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Professor Ben Chindo, the Dean of Kaduna State University’s School of Pharmaceutical Studies, has claimed discovery of a herbal cure for epilepsy and a variety of other mental disorders. He made this known at the university’s 2nd Professional Inaugural Lecture on Friday, March 9, 2018.

The research leading to this finding was focused on studying many medicinal plants for Central Nervous System (CNS) activities. The plants, according to Ben Chindo, had been used for ages in the Northern part of Nigeria for the management of many CNS disorders.

Ficus platyphylla, popularly known as “Gamji” by the Hausas was observed to possess enormous potential. The plant is a deciduous plant found in the Savana region of the West African coast, and in folk medicine, has had applications in the management of epilepsy, depression, Insomnia, psychoses, pain, inflammation and gastrointestinal disorders, the Prof. stated.

“We evaluated the CNS activity of the methanol extract to provide scientific evidence supporting the use of this herbal medicine for the management of psychiatric and neurological disorders,” he said.

The active ingredients of the plant were identified, isolated and clinical trials were carried out on rodents. Results showed that epilepsy and other nervous disorders can be treated and cured if the drug is administered effectively over a period of time.

Prof. Chindo stressed on the importance of Research especially in the area of herbal medicines, maintaining that many plants possess the ability to help in the management of a broad spectrum of diseases.

On the area of obtaining a patent, the inaugural lecturer said he was looking into that. “It is an area I am looking into, though I have published parts of my work. But I have not published much of the work, so the possibility of procuring a patent is still there.”

He praised the Vice Chancellor of KASU, Mohammed Tanko, for hosting the inaugural lecture and being a backbone for research and scholarship in the university.

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