You might be seeking for opportunities to study abroad on scholarship. You need the right information to guide you. Canada is a country of choice for many Nigerian scholars due to the ease of securing scholarships there and the favourable studying environment.

Most Canadian colleges and universities will have some sort of funding assistance available to international students in the form of entrance awards or scholarships; and some secondary schools will as well. Certain Canadian educational institutions and provincial governments may also have in place a reduced tuition rate for students studying in a particular language or in a particular field.

In this case, once the student has decided on an educational institution and program of study, the student will have to search the school’s website (or contacts the school directly) for suitable funding opportunities. Usually, international students are considered for entrance awards and scholarships at the time of admission, based on their submitted academic results (transcripts) and other application supporting documents.

Furthermore, a Nigerian student who is hoping to get an entrance award or scholarship at a Canadian educational institution, should apply early to their educational institution of choice, to ensure they are considered for entrance scholarships and awards. Also, the ‘Fall’ (September) intake will be the best option for such a person, as most Canadian universities mainly consider ‘fall’ applicants for entrance awards/scholarship.

Start applying now.

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