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Earlier this morning, I woke up and settled in front of my room writing my seminar paper. I sat with bruising hunger nauseating my tummy, and still scrubbing relentlessly on papers to complete a chapter at least for the day.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the road were students in Ishieke Campus protesting over the low supply of light in the area. Over two weeks, there had been black out.

Boom! Went the gun, and before now, students were running helter-skelter for safety. They ran past my table sitting outside and I fled to an unknown place, unsure of where these black thieves were coming from: left, right, back and front. I didn’t know.

Tears stood in my eyes later on from the effect of the evaporative tear gas boomed in the air. We rented the bush afterwards for safety as the black thieves ran after us posing their guns, admonishing to shoot recklessly. And they did.

An elastic shrub had shaved with its branches, the flying bullet that fell in front of me. A guy in front fell on a wrecked mound in fear, screaming my name to know if I got hit. I almost pitied him because I thought he was the one that got shot. But first, I screamed and resolved to running to a safer distance before waving my hands in praise to the sky, the sun, and the air.

Really, we have been hunting around the bushes. But what these escapees don’t know yet is that my eyes is equally looking for that millionaire snake that chopped 36 million. Guy cannot be carrying money about like that and be slaying.

But on a serious note, I got saved from this straying bullet, and the fact is that the animalistic force men did not know that students were right protesting for what they paid for what they need. But we are too undemocratic in this country that we fail to understand that we have rights to certain things that we need. And the measures to getting them. Not usually dialogues in most cases – it does go so centipedial.

Tuh for this country.

Seminar abi seminarian. Eh! What again am I even researching in a country that is not researchable? Tueh! I am done for the day in peace.

By Malachi Amandi Arum

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